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Lesley Bradstreet

2106_12 Palouse_280-2.jpg

Photography for me is a contemplative practice. It has taught me to slow down the monkey-mind and "hurry-up" that has driven me for my entire life. It has taught me to be fully present in the moment and has given me a renewed sense of awe and reverence for the world we live in.


Photography is my way of connecting with the world; of being fully engaged; of appreciating the tiniest detail to being awed by its vastness; of a fascination with its textures and colors, with its beauty, uniqueness and quirkiness. It is a new way of experiencing a world that makes it more alive and vibrant than I could have imagined. 

Each of these images create a visceral response in me. They simply take my breath away. They are an expression of being fully present in the moment and experiencing the awe and wonder that is our world. My hope is that the viewer will experience a little wonder of their own.


                                                                                 Lesley Bradstreet

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