Lesley Bradstreet


Lesley Bradstreet has been a photographer all her life, but only in the past few years has she begun to develop her skills and share her work. She has studied with a variety of teachers in the Austin area, and has practiced her craft all over the world.

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, she grew up in the midwest, and graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with an English major and Psychology minor. After retiring from a long and varied career, Lesley picked up her camera and began to explore the world one step at a time in order to slow down the hecticness and monkey-mind that she habitually brought to her life, and to learn to become more present to it. Discovering a contemplative style of photography gave her a renewed sense of awe and reverence for the world we live in, and has become part of her spiritual practice.

Photography has been a passion for me since my college days. It is my way of connecting with the world; of appreciating the tiniest detail to being awed by its vastness; of a fascination with its textures and colors, with its beauty, uniqueness and quirkiness. It is a new way of seeing a world that makes it more alive and vibrant than I could have imagined. 


                                                                                 Lesley Bradstreet


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